How to shop for carpet

When cared for properly, carpet flooring will last at least 15 years. As exciting as it is, it can also be overwhelming when you walk into a store and see thousands of different colors, patterns, and styles. At first glance, they might all seem alike, but they aren't, so it's critical that you get the right carpet floors for your installation. That will make all the difference in appearance, performance, and longevity. When shopping for carpet in Dunnellon, FL, there are three things you should especially consider.

Check samples in your environment

It would be best if you looked at a sample in your surroundings, with your lighting, furnishings, and upholstery. It will most always be different from the showroom's overhead lights or light boxes. Keep in mind that going outside to "get a better look" won't be effective, either, since that lighting will also be different from yours.

Colors look different based on their surroundings. Ask if your store will let you borrow samples. When you get home, don't just hold them up to the light but place them on the floor. That will give you a true color in your home.

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Have the carpet floors installed professionally

Rooms aren't perfect squares, and there are almost always baseboards, moldings, and door sills with which to contend. A sloppy installation impacts appearance, what with rolls, bumps, loose-fitting rugs, or a too-big carpet that seems to fold up against the wall to fit. Worse ever, it can also cut the rug's longevity in half! At Home Beautiful Floors & More, our motto is "Quality installation: It's not expensive. It's priceless!"

Make sure you buy the right one for your lifestyle

Just as every rug isn't the same, every lifestyle isn't the same. A small family will have different requirements than a large one with pets. Not only will you want more durability and stain resistance but, if you do have pets, you'll want a color that closely matches the animal's; otherwise, you may find yourself vacuuming very frequently. It also matters where you live. If it's in a hot and sunny place like Florida, you'll be more concerned with fading than someone who lives in a damp climate, where the concerns are more about mold and mildew.

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