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Why window coverings matter to floors

When you live in a hot and sunny place like Florida, you’re likely to experience some fading on both the floors and upholstery. Certain hardwoods, such as exotics, are photosensitive and even change color, becoming darker from UV rays. Many window coverings can be motorized so you can control during the sun’s peak time, even when not at home. When shopping for window coverings in Dunnellon, FL, consider Home Beautiful Floors & More you one-and-only source.

Blind basics

Blinds are still often sought-after because of their affordability and user-friendly designs. Some, such as wood blinds, add warmth and elegance to your home, while others, the mini aluminum slatted ones, offer a more casual and contemporary look. Still, others are specifically made for large sliding doors or to withstand areas of extreme humidity and dampness, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms.

Some blinds are better than others when it comes to darkening a room because of features like tight-fitting or route-less slats. With this design, the lift cords pass through the slats rather than through them. This provides not only more darkness but also more privacy.



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Stylish shades

One of the best shades for the Florida climate is roller shades. They’re often paired with solar screen fabrics to become a solar shade where the light gets filtered and glare reduced. These shades regulate solar heat gain and offer protection from UV radiation.

Roman shades combine a soft, flowing drapery look with the convenience of a lifting shade, while woven wood shades, sometimes referred to as bamboo shades or matchstick blinds, add a unique design element to a room. Other popular ones are cellular, pleated, and exterior shades.

If you’re considering window shutters, know that they add value to your property by giving it a finished and distinctive look. They also add security to ground-floor windows and protection against the elements, especially in storm-prone regions. Although there are many types of shutters, a popular one is the plantation shutter, a window covering built right into the window casements. The louvers, or slats, are horizontal, and they tilt rather than lift. They can be made from wood, which is the most common, or vinyl or aluminum.

At Home Beautiful Floors & More we have large inventories for both flooring and window coverings, including blinds, shutters, roller shades, and more. Installing the right window covering protects your flooring and furniture. To learn more, visit our showroom in Dunellen, FL, where we serve Dunnellon, FL, Citrus Springs, FL, Ocala, FL, Hernando, FL, Inverness, FL, Williston, FL, Inglis, FL, and Beverly Hills, FL. We will give you a free estimate for your window covering project.

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